Street Wise Self Defence Seminar 2007 (ESPA)

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Street Wise Self Defence Seminar 2007 (ESPA)

Eclectic Self Protection (ESP) - North London Martial Arts & Self Defence
Published by Luke James in Seminars · 1 May 2018
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Street Wise Self Defence Seminar 2007 (ESPA)

The street wise self-defence seminar was one of four seminars to be delivered by a collaboration of the now Eclectic Self Protection (ESP) and Tactical Protection Systems (TPS). After 4 weeks of marketing and advertising the gym studio was full with a modest amount of students all willing and ready to go.

The session started with the TPS founder giving a detailed talk on local crime stats, Jeff Coopers Colour Codes, general self-protection tips and an explanation of what was going to be covered on the seminar.

Following this the ESP founder took the group through a warm up and short workout including running, star jumps, press-ups, squats, lunges, sit-ups, v-nips as well as partner work and preparation stretching of the whole body to prepare the students for the physical and mental demands of the session.

ESP’s founder took the group through basic striking including lead/reverse punch, hook punching, the uppercut, the slap, back-fist, knife-hand, front kick, low thai kick and the knee strike. These techniques were coached from both ‘the fence’ and ‘match fighting stance’. Some basic theory and psychology was explained in relation to these pre-emptive strikes with the importance of using a distraction such as a question eg: ‘why you picking on me for? / can we talk about this?’ to create a blind second and a window of opportunity for a pre-emptive strike. Emphasis was also made on striking vulnerable points of the human body such as the throat, groin and lower extremities whilst being careful not to enter the legal system.

The group was then taught basic blocks from the ‘match fighting stance’ such as the cover block, the smother block as well as defending and blocking using the feet, legs and knees. Simultaneous blocks and strikes were also taught followed by takedowns and finishing strikes.

The TPS founder took over the session and coached the class on using ‘the fence’ and conflict-resolution tactics to talk down and de-escalate a violent situation. The students were divided into pairs and practiced ‘role playing’ of these types of situations. Emphasis was made on using talk down terminology such as ‘you have not gone any trouble with me / I am not a threat to you / im sorry to have disturbed you’ etc whilst protecting your personal space.

Knife and gun threats to various areas of the body including the neck, the abdomen, ribs and back were coached to the students by the TPS founder. Lots of demonstrations of these techniques were made by both the founders of ESP and TPS. The importance of takedowns, disarming the assailant and escaping to safety were made at this point. Disarming basic gun threats was then introduced with the stress of attacking pre-emptively and escaping to safety.


The final part of the afternoon was a great demonstration on how some of the techniques taught can be used in regular practice and in ‘real’ situations. Both the ESP and TPS founders defended against armed and unarmed attackers with throws and takedown techniques to restrain, disarm and control your attacker.

The session concluded with a gentle cool down and relaxation stretching followed by a question and answer session with the students.

In summary, the group enjoyed the session and all left with valuable insights in dealing with a variety of attacks from different situations.

Many thanks to everyone that attended.

Public comments:
“This was a fantastic eye opener to the complexities of real violence”
“I learned a variety of surprisingly simple and effective techniques”
“The instructors were friendly, sociable and a great source of information”
“The knife and gun threat disarms were effective and thrilling self-defence techniques”
“In such a short space of time I learnt many user friendly techniques”

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