Intensive Womens Self Defence & Edged Weapon Awareness Instructor Course - April 2021 (ESPA)

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Intensive Womens Self Defence & Edged Weapon Awareness Instructor Course - April 2021 (ESPA)

Eclectic Self Protection (ESP) - North London Martial Arts & Self Defence
Intensive Womens Self Defence & Edged Weapon Awareness & Defence Instructor Course April 2021 (ESPA)
The ESPA are proud to have conducted 3 days of intensive training with one of our most passionate students – Helen who attended to gain both the Womens Self Defence Instructor Certification, and the Edged Weapon Awareness & Defence Instructor Certification.
Training took place in North London on Monday 19th April, Wednesday 21st April and Friday 23rd April.
               Head ESPA Coach – Luke James presenting Helen with her
              Edged Weapon Awareness & Defence Instructor Certification.

These two instructor certifications are part of the Eclectic Self Protection – Diploma Scheme which are ideal for improved personal security and personal defence skills whilst improving confidence, self assurance, stress levels and self esteem, and actually allow you to teach and build your own business.
The Edged Weapon Awareness & Defence Instructor is testimony to our advanced teaching methods of eclecticism and looks in detail at :
·       Recognizing Tactics That Criminals Use
·       Understanding Threats & Intimidation
·       Evaluation Assessment Pertaining To Edged Weapons
·       Engaging, Energizing & Evasion
·       Eclectic Self Defence Tools Against Edged Weapons
·       Eclectic coaching Models For Self Defence Against Edged Weapons
Helen found that everything was included in the course to understanding edged weapons, how they are used by assailants, how to use eclectic self protection to avoid and stop trouble before it happens, and key self defence skills for dealing with edged weapon encounters with damage limitation.
The Womens Self Defence Instructor Certification is another of our brilliant courses helping women to stay safe and defend themselves through eclecticism, and again is testimony to our advanced teaching methods. This instructor course looks in detail at:
·       Womens Specific Personal Safety Advice
·       Emotional & Psychological Impacts Of Attacks
·       Neutralizing Unwanted Attention
·       Preventing Muggings & Assaults
·       Understanding Drug Rape And Sexual Assaults
·       Domestic Violence
·       Standing & On Ground Eclectic Self Defence Methods
·       Coaching Principles Of Eclectism
Helen enjoyed learning and progressing through this course and now has her own eclectic, and dynamic approach to Womens Self Protection, and now feels more confident in todays society to be able to stop and prevent the various types of attacks that women can face in their society.

Helen pictured with the Womens Self Defence Instructor Certification
Helen performed extremely well and passed both instructor courses ‘with flying colours’ found it was really beneficial for improved self awareness, personal security, self assurance, staying safe and overall personal defence skills which can be applied easily and effectively without the need for long term learning.

Here is Helen’s written statement and review about the instructor course she attended with ESP Diploma Scheme :

"Excellent! An informative, energetic and engaging course. Luke is an excellent instructor who is really knowledgeable and personable, and very experienced. He was respectfil and warm but also engaged fully with the seriousness of the content of the course.

Everything was repeated and all limitations / injuries were considered and alternatives provided.

The course was excellent from the beginning, through and during, and to the end. I would highly recommend!"
Helen has been training for a while with the ESPA and excels in her self-defence training, and is very keen to join our Intensive Black Belt Program.
A big congratulations to Helen who completed 3 days of intensive womens self-defence and edged weapon training with the ESP Academy, to certify in the next two levels.
The ESPA is looking forward to doing the additional diploma instructor levels, and Black Belt Program with Helen in the future, and ESP commends her for all her brilliant hard work.
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