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“ We Have Been Hiring The Academy's Instructor To Present A Variety Of Self Defence Workshops To The General Public. The Sessions Have Been Informative, Very Professional and Delivered With Exceptional Content."

(Academy Of Sport & Well Being)
Customized SERVICES
What we offer :

We offer a range of self-defence courses for individuals, groups, schools, businesses and companies.

Some of our previous bookings include Nike, Top Link, Youth Sports Trust, St Mungos, Tottenham Generation & Virgin Active.

We are able to tailor packages to the individual needs and cover and customize specific aspects.

We specialize in covering the importance of awareness, avoidance, distraction and verbal-descalation.

Courses can contain any of the following and more:
Latest News
bespoke self defence courses
Mild May Bespoke Self Defence Workshop
ESP would like to say a big thankyou to Mild May for booking us for ongoing corporate self defence sessions for their staff team building days. We believe in empowering our students through informative and engaging self defence training and building a safer society.
eclectic self protection - north london martial arts & self defence

  • Awareness, avoidance & escape
  • Distance control
  • Verbal de-escalation
  • Breakway & escape
  • Understanding your enviornment
    & limitations.
eclectic self protection - north london martial arts & self defence

  • Safety on foot
  • Bus safety
  • Taxi safety
  • Cash point safety
  • Home safety
  • Lone workers
north london womens self defence

  • Personal security
  • Acts of intrusion
  • Evaluation & evasion
  • Sexual harassment
  • Female natural self defence tools
edged weapon self defence

  • Recognizing tricks that criminals use
  • Understanding threats & intimidation
  • Evaluation & evasion
  • Natural response options
Latest News
bespoke self defence courses
LA Fitness Self Defence Workshop
The ESPA conducted a corporate self defence seminar on behalf of LA Fitness for personal protection skills, fitness and self esteem building. We are dedicated in helping to equip members of the public with the necessary sklls to feel confident in protecting themselves.
Cost & Length Of Courses:

Courses vary from a few hours, to 1 full day, to several days depending on the nature of the course.

Costs for individuals and small groups start at £100, and we are available nationwide for bookings.

Please enquire for more information.
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