Self Defence Instructor & Personal Safety Instructor Course October 2020 (ESPA)

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Self Defence Instructor & Personal Safety Instructor Course October 2020 (ESPA)

Eclectic Self Protection (ESP) - North London Martial Arts & Self Defence
Published by Luke James in ESP Courses · 31 October 2020
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Self Defence & Personal Safety Instructor Course October 2020 (ESPA)

ESPA Head Coach: Luke James Presenting Helen
With Her Self Defence & Personal Safety Instructor Certification

The Self Defence & Personal Safety Instructor Course was conducted for an ESP student and martial arts practitioner mid October 2020 in North London. Helen - a regular ESP Course attendee and Karate practitioner attended to gain the newly accredited instructor diploma qualification.

The new Instructor Diploma Courses run from the ESPA's interconnected assocaition : Eclectic Self Protection - Diploma Scheme (ESP-DS) which are a new innovative and progressive approach to learning and teaching natural self defence and personal security skills.

Whether you have no previous experience or fitness, or you are currently an existing martial arts practitioner, fitness instructor or personal trainer that would like to add some self defence to your repertoire these are designed for you in mind.

The great thing about the Diploma Scheme is you can work with schools, colleges, academies and national organisations teaching simple progressive self protection techniques whilst gaining earning an income and progress up through the ladder to a senior more advanced instructor.

The instructor course itself looks in detail at :
• Self Defence & The Law
• Reasonable Force
• Common Street Attacks Based On National Statistics
• Fear & Adrenaline
• The Colour Code
• The Unique 5 E Principles
• Natural Physical & Verbal Self Defence Tools
• Self Defence Coaching

The aim of the course is to improve your confidence, self assurance, awareness, personal security and self defence skills, fitness and self esteem, and make you into a eclectic and dynamic self defence coach able to work with a diverse range of people with different capabilities.

Helen who performed brilliant throughout the instructor course found it added great value to her self-awareness and ability to stop potential threats and problems from happening, as well as being a nice eclectic package of practical self-defence tools which can be applied fast, effectively and dynamically.

Helen performed brilliantly throughout both the theory and practical parts of the course and delivered 4 fantastic teaching exercises even though being put on the spot, and passed with a 91% distinction pass rate.

Helen now feels more confident and self aware in today’s society and has user friendly practical self-defence skills which can be applied easily and effectively to aid in her personal protection.

Here is Helen’s written statement and review about the instructor course she attended with ESP Diploma Scheme :

"Excellent! An informative, energetic and engaging course. Luke is an excellent instructor who is really knowledgeable and personable, and very experienced. He was respectfil and warm but also engaged fully with the seriousness of the content of the course.

Everything was repeated and all limitations / injuries were considered and alternatives provided.

The course was excellent from the beginning, through and during, and to the end. I would highly recommend!"

Helen is a fantastic student who excels in her self-defence training, and is a gold star role model student for others to follow.

A big congratulations to Helen who completed 8 hrs of self-defence and personal security training with the ESP Academy, to certify as a fully legitimate self-defence and personal safety instructor. Well done!

The ESPA is looking forward to doing the next instructor levels with Helen next year, and ESP commends her for all her brilliant hard work.

For more reviews about what other students, clients and organizations have said about training with The ESP Academy, please click here.

For more information or how to apply to be a Self Defence & Personal Safety Instructor with the ESPA please click here.

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