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Tel : 07936660831

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World Wide Official ESPA Black Belt Certification
(For All Martial Art Styles & Disciplines)
eclectic self protection - north london martial arts & self defence
Do you want your old, new, or existing Black Belt Certificate ratified by an Official Eclectic Sanctioning Governing Body?

Are you a Black Belt or a Orphaned Black Belt?

Have you lost your Black Belt Certificate?

Do you want a Black Belt Certificate?

If the answer is Yes! to any of the above questions then contact us directly.
Please use this form to apply for a Dan/Degree Grade or to Ratify an existing grade. Also available for 1st Kyu Brown Belts.

Our Black Belt Certificates are available for anyone who currently has a Dan/Degree grade. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A MEMBER OF THE ESPA TO APPLY. We will issue you with a new internationally recognized Official ESPA Black Belt Certificate. The certificate is usually posted out to you within 48 hours.

The total cost, including worldwide postage and packaging is GBP £150.

Your Name and Grade will be recorded onto our private ESPA Black Belt Database.

Simply complete:
(1) the form on the left below to apply online for a Black Belt Certificate.
(2) the paypal form on the right below to make payment

Your name and address details will be collected whn you click the pay now button. This will process your payment, using any credit / debit card through PayPal. Please note you do not need to be a member of PayPal to use this payment system.

By submitting 'your application' and 'making payment' you are commiting that all the information is truthful. If at a later date it is found you have not been truthful, your name will be taken off from the Register and deleted from our records. No refunds will be given.

I agree


Black Belt Certification Payment
- GBP £150 (for all levels)
Grand Master Martial Arts System & Founders Black Belt Certification Package - GBP £450

'Grand Master & Founders Black Belt Certificate' also available for 5th Dan Masters & Above.

Syllabus recognition & Association approval also included.

For more information about applying contact us directly.
Doctorate Of Martial Arts PhD Degree Package - GBP £550

'Doctorate Of Martial Arts PhD Degree Package' also available for 5th Dan Masters & Above, with 20 years plus training, and aged 30 years or above.

Those who wish to be recognized for their life-long commitment to the Martial Arts can now obtain alegal and verifiable Martial Arts PhD which distinguish's a martial artist’s lifelong loyalty to teaching and learning the martial arts.

This Martial Arts degree shows your lifelong accomplishment, devotion and commitment to your art and the Martial Arts in general, and provides you with the highest recognition as a Martial Artist.

For more information about applying contact us directly.
World Wide Black Belt Ratifications
Style / System
Cody Miller
2nd Degree Black Belt - Kyokushin Karate
Annie Pereira
1st Degree Black Belt - Kickboxing
United Kingdom
Chris Pereira
1st Degree Black Belt - Freestyle Kickboxing
United Kingdom

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