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"Real People - Real Training - Real Results"

Dr Cassiotis
10th Dan Grandmaster, Martial Arts Expert, Professional Body Guard & Street Self Defence Expert

"Eclectic Self Protection is a fully recognized Martial Arts & Self Defence system with an international lineage. They have extraordinary training and coaching skills developing confidence, self assurance, personal protection, mixed martial arts, self awareness, fitness, gross motor skills, stress levels and self esteem, as well as instilling the virtues of life. ESP is a truly magnificent system and provide gold standard for their students in both the 'soft' and 'hard' skills of martial arts & self-protection training.

The eclecticsm of not just one discipline but multiple disciplines make the system extraordinary in the protection of one's self as well as helping to achieve your goals and dreams in life.

We have no hesitation in recommending Eclectic Self Protection in coaching all areas of oriental mixed martial arts and self protection to children, teens and adults of all skill levels and abilities. They are recommend highly by myself & accompanying European representatives."

John Graden
9th Dan Grandmaster, World Champion, Martial Arts & Self Protection Expert, Martial Arts Teachers Association

"The MATA Black Belt Gradings & Coaching Certification Courses are the most widely respected and professional martial arts training and coaching education programs there are.

It is with great pleasure that after intensive and thorough testing I award The Eclectic Self Protection Association with their 7th Dan Black Belt & Martial Arts Teachers Association Coaching Certificate of Graduation.

We recommend Eclectic Self Protection in coaching all areas of modern freestyle martial arts & self defence training without hesitation."

Senior Dan Graded Instructor In Martial Arts & Kickboxing

”I have been part of the formulation and lineage of The Eclectic Self Protection Association for over 10 years. ESP trains their students professionally devleoping their mind, body and spirit. ESP are a true example of indomitable spirit and discipine who train hard, and always practice and coach techniques to perfection. Eclectic Self Protection are a very innovative Academy whom will always endeavour to steer their clients and students in the right direction."

Soke Turton
Uk Self Defence Expert & 10th Dan Grand Master, All Styles Martial Arts Assocaition

”Eclectic Self Protection are a intelligent and personable Academy whom have a great deal of both knowledge and technical skills, and abilities who I have great respect for. They always maintain high standards in the 'soft' and 'hard' skills of martial arts, teaching and practicing effective methods ensuring a wide skill base. Their approach is very professional, and they always ensure they present an inspirational role model for their students."

ESP Student

I attended 3 full courses with the Eclectic Self Protection Academy in 2017. ESP are extremely professional and knowledgeable on the art of self-defence and provides a programme that covers a wide range of different techniques and scenarios you may come across in life.

As a lone female traveller training with Eclectic Self Protection gave both myself and my family peace of mind as to the dangers that are out there and practical ways to protect myself from them both at home and while travelling. I will take this knowledge with me throughout my life and it has been extremely beneficial in terms of my confidence to protect myself if needed. Building confidence happens as you practice different scenarios and what to do in them to get yourself out of dangerous situations in the most safe and efficient way.    

The classes were fun and active in a safe and controlled way. The Academy goes through different movements clearly and goes back over things until you know them. I would recommend theses courses to anyone, men, woman and children. The ESPA is a friendly and professional Academy with a real passion for Martial Arts & Self Defence training. Thank you ESP for everything you taught me."

Sports Coordinator - Academy Of Sport & Well-being

"Eclectic Self Protection were a employee of our Sports Ambassador Scheme for 3 years delivering sports coaching in martial arts and self defence as well as fitness and mentoring sessions across London. They have helped schools and organisations meet national activity level guidelines by supporting their inhouse and extracurricular activities, and have offered new and exciting activities within the local community.

The ESPA were a fantastic and amicable coaching Academy with strong leadership, organisational and teamwork skills whom created a pleasant and vibrant atmosphere with a disciplined outset. I recommend them highly"

10 Week Transformation Program

"I found Eclectic Self Protection to be very knowledgeable and patient in their teaching with sessions that were well structured with warm up and cool downs, general fitness and self defence techniques. I particularly enjoyed the pad work and the challenge of physical and mental coordination whilst learning the self defence sequences. As a yoga teacher with a good level of fitness and flexibility I really enjoyed the opportunity to use my body in a completely different way. The day after a coaching session I could feel my muscles had worked hard! The 10 week course has definitely given me a new level of awareness and confidence and I would highly recommend Eclectic Self Protection to everyone."

Sifu Whitworth
Head Instructor ITG Rapid Assault Tactics
"Eclectic Self Protection have high qulaity skills and knowledge in martial arts and self defence. They make a excellent coaching Academy as they are very articulate presenting information well in depth. All in all very capable, freindly and disciplined martial arts coaching Academy."

Black Belt Club Instructor

"I have been part of the Eclectic Self Protection lineage for over 6 years. ESP has a great family bond with their students, peers and accompanying instructors, and offer engaging and enjoyable sessions. Their approach to training is motivational and enthusiastic, and they make a very skillful all-rounded coaching Academy of excellence."

ESP Student

"I have been training with the Eclectic Self Protection Academy for some time now. I was actually nervous before my first class, however after the class I found it to be really enjoyable and felt better for going.

The ESPA is a friendly, disciplined and encouraging coaching Academy whom have a wealth of experience in martial arts. They demonstrates the techniques very clearly and was always on hand to offer guidance when practicing the techniques. The classes are fun in addition to learning skills that are useful for real life situations. The meditation exercises are a great way of warming down, increasing self-esteem and lowering stress levels.

The gradings i have passed have been challenging, rigorous but extermely rewarding.

I would highly recommend the classes and courses to anyone wishing to learn how to protect themselves"

St Mungos

"We hired Eclectic Self Protection to run fitness and self defence classes for St Mungos on a weekly basis for 2 years. The Academy conducted a range of classes in fitness, healthy eating and personal defence for a wide variety of St Mungo clients.

The Academy was intelligent, amicable and personable whom pride on delivering excellence. They offered enjoyable and engaging sessions increasing people’s health, fitness, confidence, self assurance personal security, and self defence skills whilst being a positive role model.

The ESP Academy was courteous, polite and respectful and presented high quality advice, as well as being an integral part in developing our clients mental and physical health.
Eclectic Self Protection has been brilliant in coaching valuablle aspects of self-protection and fitness, and I would highly recommend the academy for any other future organisations."

ESP Self Defence Course Attendie

"Having had an ‘incident’ whilst on holiday abroad, I decided it needed to get some self-defence techniques under my belt should I be met with a similar experience. I learned a great deal from Eclectic Self Protection in a short space of time. They swiftly pass on a range of techniques to deal with a variety of possible threats. ESP have made this process into a science. Over the weeks the knowledge and sklls increased steadily as did my fitness levels. If you wish to feel more secure in a world of increasing threats - we all know what is happening on our local streets - then I recommend you check out Eclectic Self Protection's self-defence courses: exhilarating and fun they will give you the knowledge of how to deal with a difficult situation should it arise.”

ESP Student

"Eclectic Self Protection was a really professional and presentable Academy with a lot to offer. The self defence courses were really fun and the techniques were easy to pick up and aimed at all ages and abilities.

I enjoyed practicing the different moves and techniques that were given a context as to when they would be useful. Such as if someone came at you from a certain direction.

Not only did I learn some good skills on the courses but I also got a great boost in fitness. What more could you want?"

ESP Intensive Student

"I have been training in martial arts for several years and hold various grades & certifications. I now train in ESP, and after training in previous martial art systems, ESP is a new innovative and hybrid way of training which will give you easy to use, accessible and explosive techniques that are fast, effective and dynamic, and can be used even when fear is racing through your body.

The mental and physical training has given me an ongoing boost in confidence, self-assurance, self-awareness and self esteem, and has helped me to perform better at work and feel more positive in life. In addition, my reflexes have sharpened and my agility, fitness and flexibility have improved making ESP an all-rounded training package for self-defence and optimum health."

Academy Of Sport

"Eclectic Self Protection were an employee of our Sports Ambassador Scheme working at schools, colleges and national organisations throughout South London. Our clients and service users have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in team games and individual challenges, and have benefited from fun, rewarding and exciting sporting activities. ESP were a professional, engaging and friendly who worked well as a team, and put a great deal of time and effort into improving students confidence, motivation and playing ability. I would highly recommend Eclectic Self Protection to all sports practitioners who want to progress to the next level in their development."

ESP Student

"I have been a student of Eclectic Self Protection for 4 years. I now train privately in ESP and am working my way up through the grades. The Academy is highly informative, covering all areas of self-defence as well as offering physical and mental fitness, and a release from daily stress. I now have a healthy and positive attitude towards personal security and self protection, and feel more self aware and confident when I am out and about, and in life in general."

Senior Community Manager

"The Eclectic Self Protection Acadmey have been running classes, courses and workshops in self defence at Hornsey Town Hall for the last 4 years. The classes were hugely popular with the community and added great value to the Town Hall's programme. We believe in the great importance of members of the public being equipped with the necessary skills to feel confident in protecting themselves, and I would highly recommend Eclectic Self Protection."

Mildmay Manager

"We booked a four hour corporate self defence session with Eclectic Self Protection for our team building day. Eclectic Self Protection were an excellent trainer and the moves were highly effective, but also suitable for a diverse age group of beginners and advanced students to follow. On completing the session we were left feeling confident and knowledgeable. It also led us to booking regular sessions to extend and perfect our skills. Thankyou ESP for your expertise, knowledge and patience. We would highly recommend Eclectic Self Protection to anyone wishing to devlop their personal security and self defence skills."

Self Defence Course Attendie

"I attended a five week self defence course and was amazed at how much was squeezed into each lesson. Eclectic Self Protection made sure that all moves and techniques were demonstrated well and that there was ample time to practice each one on fellow students of different statures. More importantly all the moves can be used by total beginners. The course has given me confidence knowing that I wouldn't be helpless in the event of an attack. I would definetly recommend."

Knife & Edged Weapon Self Defence Course Attendie

"Excellent! An informative, energetic and engaging course. Eclectic Self Protection is an excellent Academy whom are really knowledgeable and personable, and very experienced. They were respectfil and warm but also engaged fully with the seriousness of the content of the course.

Everything was repeated and all limitations / injuries were considered and alternatives provided.

The course was excellent from the beginning, through and during, and to the end. I would highly recommend!"

Private Student

"I found ESP a great way to improve fitness and conditioning. The range of martial arts scenario-based training included makes group sessions engaging and enjoyable. I'd highly recommend it!"

Self Defence Course Attendie

"Eclectic Self Protection were a really informative Academy and made the classes interesting and fun. It was great for fitness as well, I would definitely recommend."

12 Week Online Self Defence Course

"I joined the online self defense classes with the ESP Academy Of Self Defence during the Covid lockdown in May. I really enjoyed being able to still do something like this given we couldn't do it in person. ESP ensured the classes were varied and focused, providing clear progression through the weeks. ESP also ensured to make sure everyone on the call was understanding the instructions and taking the team to see they were grasped.

I would highly recommend Eclectic Self Protection for anyone wanting to learn practical self defence skills to improve their confidence, self assurance and skills to protect themselves".

Online Self Defence Course Attendie

"During Covid lockdown, I heard on the radio of free self defence classes. I attended the ESP Self Defence classes via zoom and absolutely enjoyed the sessions. The Academy's teaching was very clear and to the point. I felt if I would persever, not only I am doing a good work out  but also I would be able to defend myself in case of being attacked. The sessions did not waste any time and would do a great short warm up and enough time to work on how to do different moves.

The ESP Academy definitely knows self defence very well and can lead one through stages of learning it and doing it well. The sessions were neither too easy nor too difficult and just right. Also it was great that we were offered free sessions as I couldn't work at that time and was really struggling. So I just want to thank Eclectic Self Protection for setting up these zoom sessions. Many thanks for the fast, effective and dynamic self defence & fitness sessions."

Lucy Warren
Womens Self Defence Course Attendie

"I was very satisfied with the services ESP provided as it was very helpful and I learned alot. This course is ideal for women of any age who would like to improve their personal security and self defence skills. It was definetly worth coming too."

Sukhi Jay
Womens Self Defence Workshop Attendie

"This was an excellent course with very clear instructions and was easy to follow. Eclectic Self Protection were really articulate and responsible, and made the course fun with great techniques.!"

ESP Student

"Eclectic Self Protection is a very friendly, clear and helpful Academy whom are very knowledgeable in the field of mixed martial arts and self defence training.  I have enjoyed attending the classes and learning how to defend myself and recommend ESP to anyone who is interested in learning practical martial arts & personal defence skills."

ESP Student

""I took part in the online self defence classes during lockdown and they were brilliant. It was great to finish a day of work and jump into something active and useful. Eclectic Self Protection were a great Academy who took us through every move with precision. Even after four sessions, I have a great basic grounding in self-defence that I can use in the real world. ESP taught us a huge amount of moves in a short amount of time and I feel much more confident and knowledgeable to go out armed with what I've learnt. I would definitely recommend these classes! "

ESP Student

""I did an online Self Defence and Meditation course with the EPSA during the second lockdown.  Not only did the online lessons help me stay physically and mentally healthy through the lockdown but also provided me with excellent practical advice and training.  It's difficult to give instruction through Zoom but Eclectic Self Protection were extremely professional and attentive to everyone in the Zoom room and I would definitely do lessons face to face with ESP and their company."


10 Week Transformation Program
""I had the pleasure to finish ten weeks of training sessions with Eclectic Self Protection. All I can say is that I highly recommend ESP to anyone who wants to improve their self-defence skills, fitness & self esteem. The training was conducted in a friendly and safe atmosphere and provides you with confidence and skills needed to protect yourself in different situations, from empty handed self defence to knife and gun protection, as well as modern blocking and defensive techniques. ESP will offer you the best learning experience available on the market. I highly recommend you book your sessions now!"

Womens Self Defence Workshop Attendie

"I attended the Women's Self Defence Workshop with the Eclectic Self Protection Academy along with a few friends. The group activites and presentations gave me sound knowledge and self protection skills applicable to women. It was a great insight into the complexities and dangers women can face in their environment and society. I now feel more self-aware and confident, and have easy to use skills in aiding in my personal protection."

One-To-One Client

"I’ve been training with Eclectic Self Protection privately for a year now, and believe they are one of the most dedicated & committed fitness and self defence Academies in North London. I started training at a few classes, and due to work commitments decided to book private sessions and have really enjoyed the variety & challenge he puts into my own self-development.

ESP was devoted on helping me achieve my goals and made every session fun, challenging and most importantly rewarding. My confidence, self-awareness, personal security and fitness have enhanced and I’ve seen improvements in my ability to complete more press-ups, sit ups, squats, core exercises, and intensive pad work, and generally challenge myself throughout each session. In addition, the meditation exercises have made me feel more positive about myself, have lowered my stress levels, and have helped me to stay more focussed. I must say that training privately with this academy I actually looked forward to my sessions in the park, and a after workout social drink.

ESP were extremely reliable & punctual, was always set up & ready to start training well in advance, had dynamic and varied exercise routines planned, and corrected flaws to avoid injuries and make my techniques bio-mechanically correct.

I thoroughly enjoy training in outdoor environment, and would recommend Luke to other clients wishing to improve their fitness, health and practical martial art skills."

Anabell Day
10 Week Transformation Program

"Being a young women feeling unsafe when out alone was a frequent challenge for me. Training in Eclectic Self Protection had a massive positive impact on my life style, I gained mental and physical strength, learnt many techniques in ways I can protect myself, found my confidence growing and improvement in my general health.

Eclectic Self Protection provide excellent private self defence training for all students of all backgrounds and communities for self improvement and personal protection.

Eclectic Self Protection work with any age, gender and level of experience and I highly recommend to anyone who wants to gain strength, health or skills to protect themselves."

Womens Self Defence Workshop Attendie

"I was vey satisfied with course as it was presented in an accessible manner. The techniques were very essential to everyday situations and were explained well. Overal - very good! "

Selma G
12 Month Private Transformation Program

"Eclectic Self Protection is a very fine coaching Academy in self-defence and possesses a knowledge of what and how exactly to train the body to its natural potential with constructive movement sequences.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my twice-weekly private sessions with ESP and have made considerable progress, strengthening my hips and legs in particular through consistent sessions with thera-bands, weights and wonderful qigong movements for breath energy.  I always feel like a million dollars after my sessions...energised and strong. I highly recommend this very professional coaching Academy of excellence."

ESP Self Defence Student
"I attended the ESP Academy Self Defence classes with my daughter and we learned so much - even from the first class. It was a real confidence boost and he was able to explain all the moves very clearly - yet get through lots in every lesson. It was also great exercise and lots of fun!

Funnily enough shortly after attending the self defence course - except it wasn't all that funny at the time - a large man behaved in a rather threatening way to me one morning on the tube. I felt less intimidated knowing I wasn't a total novice at protecting myself!"

Woemns Self Defence Course Attendie

"The ESP course gave sound advice on personal safety and self-protection as well as teaching a variety of good techniques to defend yourself from a number of different situations. Im glad that I attended."

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