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Tel : 07936660831
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eclectic self protection - self defence instructor certification
Have you ever wanted to learn or teach self-defence as an instructor?

Are you an existing martial arts practitioner, fitness instructor or personal trainer that would like to add some self-defence to your repertoire?

Would you like to work with schools, colleges, academies and national organizations teaching simple progressive self-protection techniques?

These Instructor Diploma Courses are designed for you in mind and no previous experience or fitness is required.

We offer various instructor courses including the following:

1. Self-Defence & Personal Safety Instructor
2. Womens Self Defence Instructor
3. Edged Weapon Awareness Instructor
4. Adverse Situations & Multiple Attackers Instructor
5. Children & Young Adults Self-Defence Instructor
6. Lone Workers Personal Defence Instructor
7. Eclectic Striking Tactics Instructor
8. Short Stick Personal Defence Instructor
9. Long Stick Personal Defence Instructor
10. Reflective Assessor

The great thing about the Diploma Scheme is that once you have completed any 1 module you can start teaching. In addition, once you have completed any 5 modules you can apply to become an Assessor and run these instructor courses whilst earning an income.

WHATS Included
eclectic self protection - self defence instructor certification
The Instructor Diploma Courses come with the following resources:

  • Resources on memory/data stick/disc:
  • Lesson plan document.
  • Formatted activity risk assessment document.
  • Activity safety brief document.
  • Student registration form (for your ESP students/clients).
  • Comprehensive handout (for your ESP students/clients).
  • Feedback form (for your records).
  • Professional template designed power-point presentations.
  • Generic ESP-SDS logo, ESP-DS logo & the ESP-SDS / ESP-DS Instructor logo (your PR).
  • Unique & professional high quality literature.
  • Instructor Manuals
  • ESP certificate template (for your candidates).
  • ESP-DS Instructor certification
  • ESP T-shirt.
  • FREE ESP membership giving you access to our classes & courses at discounted rates
  • FREE access to our facebook members account for supported information & resources
  • FREE listing on the Eclectic Self Protection national website (advertising you!).

For more information about the Self Defence Instructor Ambassador Scheme & Diploma Courses please click below.

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