January 4 Week Self Defence Course 2017 (ESPA)

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January 4 Week Self Defence Course 2017 (ESPA)

Eclectic Self Protection (ESP) - North London Martial Arts & Self Defence
Published by Luke James in ESP Courses · 6 June 2019
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January 4 Week Self Defence Course 2017 (ESPA) - Eclectic Self Protection

The January Crouch End 4 Week Self Defence Course was held at Hornsey Town Hall in Crouch End on the 4 Tuesdays Of January 2017 (9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th) from 7.30 to 9pm. The course was marketed 3 months in advance and had a turnout of 12 attendies (9 ladies and 3 gents). As everyone was aged 16 plus it meant we could cover more weapon personal defence techniques and pressure testing. For this particualr course we were in the matted medium size studio which also meant we could drill ground work. As with all sessions and courses a pre-health check and decleration was done.

Session 1

In the introductory session we covered pre-emptive techniques from Levels 1 & 2 syllabus that could be layered upon with foundations for the next 3 sessions.

Generic pre-emptive strikes were taught off the 'hand' and 'foot in consecutive action IE: 3 slaps / 3 thai kicks etc. We did this 'in air' and against pads.

Followng this we moved on to basic choke defences from the front, side and rear using the 'ESP Windmill Biomechnaics' to accelerate natural abstract body movement.

As we had predominately women on this particular course we went over 'hair grabs' from the 'front' only with emphasis on securing the attackers grabbing hand, overlapping with the opposite, applying pressure to the wrist and dominating the attacker. I also did a demonstration of 'the body drop' in reference to this personal defence technique. The ESP Coach was always there to guide the students with technique correction.

In additon, the ESP coach taught how to defend against a knife threat (from Level 6) under the chin with attackers hand on shoulder whilst up agaisnt a wall. The teaching principles of natural fence, dissausive dialogue and the element of surprise were stressed as well as controlling the attackers bladed hand and jamming the elbow joint before taking down the attacker and power talking.

The session concluded with a cool down stretch and breathing exercises.

Session 2

After a breif warm up we looked at 'how to get up safely and efficiently' using the ESP horizontal and spider mobility (Levels 1 & 2).

We looked at striking pre-emptively off the fence with attacker behind using 1) back fist and 2) knife hand.

Swiftly moving on we did some work on the ground. The ESP Coach taught how to apply a 'Triangle Choke' from attacker in guard choking (From Level 6). Stress was made on trapping the one hand, grabbing the opposite and creating an 'ESP Diamond Position' with the legs and toes contracting with tension from the 'ESP One Point'.

The ESP Coach was always there to offer guidance and support.

In addition, we got out the large plastic bottles and went into detail about personal defence against swinging bottle attacks (unbroken) from the side and to the head. A demonstration was conducted showing how to use the 'triangle wedge block' and strike with the point of elbow aggressively fowards before attacking and knee striking with an ending takedown, and knee pressure into the arm.

Partners did 3 consecutive fitness exercsies before doing partner assisted stretches using PNF theory.

Session 3

The 3rd session began with mini circuit based training on 4 set points. Point 1 star jumps, Point 2 press ups, Point 3 squats & Point 4 Ab crunches. Each set of 3 people had to do 90 seconds of max rep before moving onto the next point. Preperatory stretches followed.

Free-directional striking off the match stance was taught using set combinations of 4 techniques at a time.

Following this ESP Coach taught how to apply 'Nikkiyo Wrist Lock' off wrist grabs. ESP Coach went over the 'soft' and 'hard' aspects of the techniques and how to apply further pressure on the joint using sports science.

Furthermore, we covered how to defend agaisnt being in a 'traingle choke' from ground position (Level 7 Syllabus). Stress was made on 'groin plucking' and forcing the head, hips and back upwards whilst pressing down with the hands on the pelvic region of the attacker.

As everyone was aged 16 and above I taught 2 baasic gun threat defences. First the gun threat to the chest using the 'ESP Scissor Defence' with evasive body movement. Second 1 handed gun threat to centre of forehead using the leg lunge and head drop and 'upwards scissor defence' theory (Levels 8 Syllabus).

The sesion concluded with 5 minutes of meditation.

Session 4

After a warm up we re-capped over the first 3 sessions and did a group pressure test with one person in the middle and been attacked 1 after another in a controlled format. This was done via surprise and via set command.

The session finalised by using 2 variations of the ESP Cradel Lock for 1) stretching and 2) joint immobilization.

For a 'Critical Sports Biomechnaic Analysis' of the ESP Cradel Locks and how I have modernized this technique 'eclectically' please view my youtube video here:                          and my blog artical here:                                       .

Students gave some great feedback. To read them click here: http://eclecticselfprotection.com/reviews-.php

Thanks to all those who attended.


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