Hackney Corporate 4Hr Self Defence Seminar 2019 (ESPA)

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Hackney Corporate 4Hr Self Defence Seminar 2019 (ESPA)

Eclectic Self Protection (ESP) - North London Martial Arts & Self Defence
Published by Luke James in ESP Courses · 6 October 2019
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Hackney Corporate 4Hr Self Defence Seminar 2019 (ESPA)

The Hackney Corporate Self Defence Workshop was conducted for a staff team building activity day late July 2019. We had a vast majority of staff members all adults and ready to train.

The session commenced with the ESP coach introducing everyone to Eclectic Self Protection, how we train people, and how we improve people’s awareness, confidence, personal safety and personal security as well as a brief overview of what we were going to cover on the course, including the soft and hard skills of self protection.

The class was divided into 4 groups, with each group been issued a big A1 paper where they had to discuss and write down everything, they knew relating to 1) Self-defence, 2) Personal Safety and 3) Self Protection. Each group had to feedback to the class and do a presentation of what they come up with. Lots of valuable points were made.

Once all groups presented, the ESP coach did a 45 minute presentation on self protection. We clearly defined 1) personal safety, 2) self protection, 3) self defence, and the differences between them and how they apply to UK and World Wide Self Defence.

An analysis of Self defence and the UK law was explained with relevance to 1) the perceived level of threat, 2) the appropriate and necessary response, and 3) a justifiable use of force. We also covered the criminal law act. We went into detail about these 3 points to the UK Law, and discussed what ‘reasonable force is’ and how it would apply and change in different circumstances and scenarios.

Moving on we discussed the importance of awareness, avoidance and escape stressing that these should be first priority in any self-protection situation.

ESP clearly defined explained Jeff Coopers Colour Codes : White, Yellow, Orange and Red, and also made reference to code ‘black’ which is applicable in very high level’s of threat situations.

We went into detail about the term ‘escape’ in self defence and discussed the benefits and drawbacks of this in self-protection as well as environmental and personal restrictions.

As the course progressed, we covered the definitions of premediated attacks, spontaneous attacks and ambush attacks and how to best avoid these.

We also covered the adrenaline response that occurs when individuals are put into high stress situations and ‘unknown territory’, and how the adrenaline release affects the body and that these effects should be used positively.

In addition, an explanation of how to handle basic knife threats was mentioned with emphasis on compliance, control and pre-emption. ESP coach did a tutorial on the ‘Eclectic 5C Knife & Edged Weapon Personal Awareness & Defence Model’ and how these can really help you in pre-determining edged weapon danger, and best way to respond to knife threats.

The final part of the presentation looked at expedient weapons for personal protection in reference to the ‘Offensive Weapons Act’. We looked as a variety of personal defence weapons and how-to best use these in different situations in accordance to the UK Law.

The overall conclusion of the presentation was that ‘The Best Form Of Self Defence Is Being Somewhere Else’.

The second half of the session looked in detail at the actual ‘physical & hard skill sets’ of natural and generic self-defence. We practiced techniques relating to various fences, defensive and offensive push, hammer fist, heel hand strike, v-strike, power slap, elbows and knees, kicks, face wash, head turn, the trip, cover and smother, releases from chokes, hair grabs and lapel grabs, and the personal defence options against attacker in guard and in mount choking and punching.

In most of these cases importance was made on dissuasion, pre-emption and surprise, and escaping to a safe zone.

We drilled these against pads and in partners with reference to the ESP principle of ‘activating the reptilian brain’ and the ‘predator-prey switch’ all in a safe and controlled environment.

In addition, we also did some defences against basic knife threats.

Overall it was a fantastic theoretical and practical training day for all staff members.

(Lots of the content used in this Corporate Self Defence Workshop was taken from the ESP-Diploma Scheme, and we had brilliant feedback)

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