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Dave Turton – The Multidimensional And Multipe 10th Dan Martial Arts & Self Defence Expert

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Published by in Reviews · 1 June 2019
Dave Turton – The Multidimensional And Multipe 10th Dan Martial Arts & Self Defence Expert

Dave Turton is a legend in the UK martial arts world. He is a double rankd 10th dan with over 50 years of training and is is”one of the only 4 Hall Of Fame self defence instructors in the world” and trainer of world champions.

I first met Dave Turton in 2013 after training with a few other associations for a long time window, however I had been following his work years before in martial arts illustrated and combat magazines as well as other UK legends such as Geoff Thompson, Lee Morison and Peter Constadine.

Dave for me was the most knowledgeable, purest and advanced self defence expert I had ever met and had detailed answers to all of my questions. He is surely the ‘go-to guy’ for some of the best martial artists in the UK for enhancing your respective skills. Without Dave Turton I would have been lost, and he is one of the main and most valuable assets that has shaped what Eclectic Self Protection – Self Defence Systems is today.

Dave began training in 1960 and now holds multiple Dan grades in Eastern and Western styles as well as a variety of grappling styles including wrestling, judo, jujitsu and Goshin Jutsu. He formed the self defence federation in 2000 and then the All Styles Martial Arts Associaition in 2010 – two of the most prestigious martial art associations in the UK. In addition, he was also Geoff Thompsons ex instructor who propagated ‘the fence’.

I have trained with Dave Turton up in Doncaster numerous times, certified in some of systems and watched his instructional dvds loads of time which are by far some of the best out there.
You can definetly tell through training with Dave that he has spent his life cutting out the non-sense of martial arts, and has boiled it down to whats purely and supremely effective on the streets. Dave knows better than anyone that some martial arts are not ideal when it comes to the brutal realities of self defence. In shorth, Dave is the answer to most martial artists and realises that more than anything, too many arts rely on just one idea.

So what does this mean??

Take martial art systems that are heavily reliant on kicking. No denying: effective kicking techniques can be devastating if used correctly. But more often than not, grappling is virtually excluded from these arts...whereas a high percentage of street fights finish on the floor!

And the brutal truth is that the same kind of problem plagues tons of martial arts. Fact is, EACH has holes in a supposedly complete system – meaning their ability to ‘stand up’ when it comes to real-life self-defence is often lacking at best and totally non-existent at worst.

That’s why Dave sought to blend and build on existing martial arts...bringing together the best of the best...a lethal cocktail of systems that would be doubly-effective for street-based combat.
Only Dave could do this. Fact is, it took a Martial Arts Hall of Famer to totally modernise martial arts to this NEW, highly-evolved level – into what we believe is the ultimate form of martial arts for the street – where the best self-defence aspects of nearly all arts have been modernised and blended into this truly effective ‘street-based’ system.

It’s called quite simply Modern Street Combat - and it takes martial arts up a notch, building and modernising on scores of arts that’s Dave studied extensively. And here’s the thing.
For a while now, Dave has been teaching his street-based combat methods through his very own Self-Defence Federation and All Styles Martial Arts Association. And believe me: Dave’s ASMAA-SDF is rapidly becoming THE go-to place for all people wanting to accelerate their existing martial arts ability, or build from afresh – to get the most powerful, street-based skills that are specifically orientated toward real-life scenarios (just check out the testimonials!).

Dave can’t possibly reach out to everyone through his own Federation. He just can’t. Sure, he teaches Champions with this material. And he only teaches the BEST. But Dave’s intent on getting the word out to as many people as possible – which is why I have written this blog article.

Dave blended the very best of Western Boxing, dangerous Lancashire Catch Wrestling, Ju-Jitsu, Karate, Kempo, Combat Grappling, Kick-Boxing and the ‘older’ little-known systems of Savaux and Chausson. And a lot more besides. Dave payed tribute to the awesome Warfield brothers, especially JOHN WARFIELD who was his instructors for 20 years in the GOSHINKWAI YAWARA RYU... the system he studied for 20 years, based on THEIR instructor the Late Great KENSHIRO ABBE 10th Dan. His KYUSHINDO & KYUSHIB-JUTSU were the basis of the Warfields Goshinkwai, and Goshinkwai is at least 70-75% of Dave Turton’s system.

This lethal cocktail blends superbly into a ‘best-of-the-best’ system of combat – one that can be picked up and used very quickly - and is perfect for anyone wanting to improve, build on or explode their ‘real-life’ self-protection abilities.

It’s a great ‘match’ for my blog readers and website viewers too. See, Dave would be the first to argue that real-life self-defence should NOT be complicated... should not be hard-to-learn…and is best learned so it’s picked up very quickly.

Which is great news for you. Because instead of needing tons of different moves, stances and defences...Dave boils everything down to just a HANDFUL of very simple, very quick-and-easy to use moves which is what Eclectic Self Protection was founded and streamlined on.

That’s what makes Dave’s material so ‘bang on’ for all of us. Without years of training, ANYONE can see how immediately practical Dave’s modernised material actually is – and can be ready to go out and use it tomorrow.

The Modern Street Combat Dvd that he produced is simply one of the best dvds out there and is presented by someone who knows exactly what they are talking about. This no-holds-barred, real-life-orientated 3-hour DVD Series is the most powerful explanation of Dave’s modernised System that you’ll ever find.

Here’s just a very small sample of what was covered:

• How to use Dave’s Power-Slap to knock an attacker senseless. Forget using your fist. Save your hand and get one of the best attacks for taking out almost any size opponent. Dave’s used this on the doors to take out 20-stone attackers with ease.
• The shocking truth about why 90% of knife defences in ‘traditional’ martial arts, aren’t just wrong: they’re dangerous. Truth is, they can literally get you killed. Here’s Dave’s best, real-world orientated solutions for facing slashers and stabbers on the streets. Do you know the tip-offs to look for that will alert you to the type of attack a knife-man will use? Here they are.
• Dave’s best, loud-music, night-club-based defence/attack. This crafty manoeuvre will work against any sized-opponent and works very well in a nightclub or other bar-type environment. This is pure, street-orientated material!
• How to use virtually the only target that’s always there on the street…and it’s hugely effective against any attacker (any size, any skill).
• Dave’s simple-to-use-kicks (no head kicks allowed) that can shatter the legs of your opponent. An 80 year-old man or woman could use this technique, leaving their attacker in agony whilst you make a super-fast escape. Best of all, it’s all super-easy to use.
• Using torque takedowns effectively, and why they’re better than practically any throw out there (throws are for sport, not for the street!)
• How to use ‘cover-and-smoother’ to get a handle on one of the most common and violent street attacks out there today.
• How to use someone’s cheek to control and restrain, escape and domination techniques for muggings and THE mistake people make when using (or thinking about using) pre-emptive strikes.
• Dealing with adverse situations on the streets; when you’re surprised and often unable to fight – what do you do?
• Baseball bat swinging defences. Best ways of dealing with a crazed baseball-bat-wielding attacker!
• Group attack defences – whether you’re at a kebab house or taxi rank, here’s the best ways Dave’s found to defend yourself (including close-in and long-range attacks).
• Six, no-nonsense, ‘fast-as-a-car-accident’ techniques that you can go out and use on the streets immediately

Eclectic Self Protection (ESP) utilises a majority of the self defence techniques taken from the Modern Street Combat System as well as various other sources and strips them down to a user friendly process in line with the Sports Science of the human body.

Furthermore the DVD covers dealing with the infamous boxer’s posture, using distractions, harnessing the power of Shutdowns to control blades, how to use Combat Slaps as perfect ‘setups’ to finishing techniques, and other powerful techniques for taking out attackers as quickly and easily as possible.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that this material is pretty or even necessarily looks good. It doesn’t. But it’s undoubtedly effective. And the fact remains that you NEED this material – yes, even if it is brutal - especially in a World so rife with confusing, antiquated and ineffective information, and where people can literally get killed in street fights. Brutal or not, we still think you need to see Dave’s breakthrough material.

Anyone can use these techniques! You can get started with them immediately. Practice at home. They’re easy-to-use, easy-to-execute (which is what counts) and need no fancy equipment. Practice today, use them tomorrow. It’s as simple and easy as that. And as you go through this two-tape DVD series, you’ll see this for yourself - as you realise the simplicity and power of Dave’s MSC System.
Dave has spent years honing his skills. But unlike a lot of others, he’s done it with the absolute best (just check out some of the guys that praise Dave and his work). So the level of total experience, knowledge and real-world refinements that have gone into this DVD are incredible - making this the ultimate self defence package.

In conclusion, all martial artists should ‘adapt-apply-create’ in both life and self defence practice through Daves concepts, and here is just a small sample of what people say about him – and, ultimately, the benefits you’ll get from training with Dave’s material.

“Dave Turton has been one of my greatest influences in martial arts. Dave is probably the most knowledgeable man in self-defence.” – Geoff Thompson, Author “Watch My Back”
“I’ve found Dave’s teaching methods inspirational and his knowledge of self-defence and martial arts is outstanding.” – Paddy Doyle, Guinness Book Of Records ‘World’s Fittest Man’
“Dave Turton’s the ‘real deal’ in self-defence. I’ve trained with lots of martial artists over the years and Dave’s impressed me more than anyone else.” – Phil Glover, Ex-British and European Kickboxing Champion  
“I have worked the doors for 12 years and trained with lots of boxers and martial arts instructors. I thought I knew everything about ‘street’. But nothing compares to Dave Turton. His street-practical style is very effective and I tell you from personal experience that it has been tried and tested.” – Jim Kelly, Manchester Doorman, Boxer and Martial Artist

I have also included links to some short clips of his brilliant below:

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