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NBBA Martial Arts & Self Defence Seminar 2008

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Published by Luke James in Seminars · 1 July 2017
National Black Belt Academy Martial Arts & Self Defence Seminar Febuary 2008 @ Jacksons Lane Archway

The NBBA Martial Arts Seminar / Workshop took place at Jackson's Lane just off Highgate. I marketed it about 2 to 3 months under my own banner 'The National Black Belt Academy'. I use to label myself as the NBBA when teaching people privately from local clubs as well as from LA Fitness. I did about 250 flyers and posters all advertised local to where i lived as well as in my own martial arts club. It was an open seminar encouraging other people and outlookers to attended and get them enrolled into training reguarly. Given that the martial arts circuit was in recession due to so many other martial art and fitness clubs opening, full time dojos establishing, and gyms being present it had a good turnout. I had several of my own students from my own club including my sister as well as some newbies.

Folowing a student pre-check sign up, the class were running around the studio, circulating their arms, punching, touching the floor, turning and jumping to a structured count. After a solid pulse raiser, students were doing mucular endurance and core based exercises including press-ups, lunges, back extensions, planks and sit-up varitions. Once their bodies were fully warm we did a whole body stretch for from the arms down to the legs (predominaently floor based as with all traditional martial arts).

The first segment of the class we went through mainly kickboxing based attacking combinations on the spot, moving fowards, moving backwards and free-directional. All the main strikes were covered as with the other traditional and hybrid seminars including punching combinations, kicking combination, and a combination of both. During these techniqes been taugth the best methods of power generation were emphasied eg how to gererate toque, how to use the hips, and how to use natural body movement without being fixated like Karate and Taekwondo practitioners.

I was lucky enough to have a bag full of sparring equipment for all members of the seminar. Some students had their own. I divided the students into pairs based on their age, weight and sex, and students were doing 1 minute sparring intervals with every person in the studio. This was basically semi-contact kickboxing sparring in a controlled and safe enviornment with all techniques above the belt. Straight after this we did 2 on 1 sparring which students seem to enjoyed.

I then got the matts out from the cupboard and looked at how to fall safely using all the basic breakfalls, and following up with kicks on the ground. We looked at the foot hook sweep whilst being on the floor and using the drop axe kick to the groin whilst in what i now call the ' ESP Spider Position'.

I went through with the students the classic low turining kick and reverse low hooking scissor kick sweep taken off the free-fighting, and then encouraging the student to get on top of the attacker and strike pre-emptively with hammer fists, and then exiting the situation to safety.

We also looked at the Korean based hip and wrist throws and following up with a pre-emptive strike to the head and dominating the attacker.

The second segment of the work shop looked at generic self defence techniques using traditional blocks and strikes, and moving aggressively fowards, and escaping to a safe zone.

Furthermore, I taught the baseball bat defence using the higher outer forearm block and simultaneous strike with the one leg takedown that i use to be know by. Students were encoraged to follow up with a stamp directly into the attackers groin whilst putting a standing upright ankle lock on the attaker. I got the students to line up and attack the person in from one after another in a controlled format with that person having to do the full self defence sequence on each person (presuure testing).

In addition, I also taught the 180 and 360 knife lunging defences which i have now made more eclectic and more biomechnaically efficent in the Eclectic Self Protection syllabus.

Overall it was a fantastic Saturday morning, and thanks to those who attended.

Written by Luke James 2008 (Edited 2013)


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