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ESP Outdoor Group Self Defence Training Session In Finsbury Park Saturday 30th September 2017

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Published by in ESP Personal Training · 12 February 2019
ESP Outdoor Group Self Defence Training Session In Finsbury Park Saturday 30th September 2017

The Outdoor session took place at Finsbury Park on Saturday the 30th September from 11am to 12.15pm. We had 6 people attend (edited non-copyright image above) who were a small group of friends who stumbled across my website. They were all from the Manor Park N4 Area in close proximity to Finsbury Park.

After meeting up in the café and a student pre-check we moved on to the closed off private field. The session began with a partner based warm up including 1) ESP Chain Action Arm Drill, 2) ESP Partner V-Position Mobility, 3) ESP Partner Hip Twisting, 4) ESP Synchronized Partner Press-ups, Lunges & Squats, 5) ESP Synchronized Sit-Ups and 6) ESP Partner Leg Raises. Following this we did partner based stretching for the quads, gastrocnemius, hamstrings, erector spinae, biceps and triceps.

We drilled stationary on the spot and moving around striking combinations including lead/reverse punch, lead reverse hook, backfists, knifehands, hammer fists, front kicks, turning kicks, side kicks and back kicks. All generated from ESP Fighting Stance in ‘shadow boxing based movement’.

In partners we drilled the inverse side kick to the low section parrying off a lunging punch and following up with the head twist takedown, and knee dropping into the face of the attacker. In addition, we looked at the inverse hooking kick with the basic push to break the attackers centre of gravity.

As the session commenced ESP coach taught how to escape from bear hugs under and over arms. For Variation 1 we looked elbow spraying whilst drooping the body, grabbing the attackers leg and drawing back, and stamping into the attackers groin. For Variation 2 ESP Coach taught the pressure principle into the back of the hand, forcing your hips back, and thrusting with the back kick, and striking with the option of the knifehand and back fist.

In addition, ESP Coach taught personal defence against a swinging hook punch using body evasion with the head drop, securing the attacker’s body with the arms before going into full-nelson position, and destroying their centre balance.

Moreover, ESP Coach emphasised personal defence against a kick to the ribs using the ‘ESP Elbow Curl Principle’ and sweeping with the rear leg as you follow through, and stamping into the groin at least twice.

The session finalised with partner assisted PNF stretching on the grass, and breathing control exercises to lower stress levels and improve respiratory function.

Thanks to those who attended.


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