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Tel : 07936660831

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interactive self defence training ONLINE
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Have you ever wanted to train in a self defence & fitness class with real people but want your own space and privacy, and don't want to pay expensive gym and club fees? Well here is your chance to!

This professional Online Interactive Martial Arts & Self Defence course includes over 30 Zoom Self Defence Classes with REAL PEOPLE which will improve your confidence, self assurance, self defence skills, fitness & flexibility.

Watch and learn on any device, in your own time, wherever you are!

Benefits Of Undertaking The Course

  • improved physical personal protection skills, self defence skills and martial arts technques
  • improved confidence, self assurance, and self awareness
  • improved fitness, gross motor skills and self esteem
  • improved balanced movement & reflexes
  • improved physical and mental skills of Eclectic Self Protection against physical attacks
  • improved mobility and flexibility
  • improved kickboxing and mma skills

Sample Session?

Please click here to read about whats involved with our Interactive Zoom Martial Arts & Self Defence sessions.

Whats Included?

  • over 30 Interactive 40 minute Zoom Self Defence Sessions With REAL PEOPLE in REAL CLASSES
  • bonus private 1 to 1 training videos also included
  • FREE Eclectic Self Protection - Self Defence Systems PDF Download

Who Should Take The Course?

Anyone with a desire to learn and train in self defence that wants their own space and privacy, and wants a cost effective training program.

Whether you are a experienced martial artist or self defence practitioner, a personal trainer or a fitness instructor, or have no expereince you will definetly benefit by undertaking these interactive sessions. We assure you!

Do You Need A Partner?

These Online Eclectic Self Protection - Self Defence Systems Interactive Classes have been specifically designed for you to learn and train at your own pace with or without a partner.

Who Is The Trainer?

These online classes are delivered and presented by 10th Dan Grand Master Luke James who has 25 years of experience and has been coaching since 2002. Read the coaches full profile by clicking here.

What Do Our Students Say About The Courses?

We are simply delighted to have 5 star golden recommendations by our students, clients, businesses and organisations. Please click here to read our reviews.

How Much Does The Course Cost?

Price is upon application. Please contact us directly.

"Interactive self defence training is fantastic for individuals who want to be in a real class with real people."

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