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The ESP Instructor Courses are a new and rewarding experience that will enhance your confidence, self assurance, personal protection, self defence skills and mental and physical well-being all within a challenging and rewarding training atmosphere. The courses have met the stringent requirements of a variaety of martial arts and self defence disciplines, demonstrating that our courses are of the highest standard and that our instructors may use their relevant membership level deisgnation, as a sign of quality training.

With years of experience in martial arts, self defence and fitness coaching, we believe in offering a high quality instructor training program that focusses on the indivdual requirements. Our instructor courses can be delivered 1 to 1 or in small groups with continuous guidance and support. We aim to increase your own understanding of self defence practice for self development and enhance your teaching skills.

Throughout the courses you will recieve private tuition made in accordance with your arrangements, ongoing literature, and continuous personalized feedback to encourage and inspire your learning development. If you are motivated to integrate martial arts and self defence training into your life and would like to become a ESP instructor with strong teaching skills and self awareness, then this training is ideal for you.
BLACK BELT Instructor
The Black Belt Instructor Program is delivered and tarlored to meet your indidivual requirements depending on whether your are novice or a previous martial arts practitioner. Once qualified you will be listed on our website as Official Black Belt Instructor.

The program covers topics such as :

  • The science of the 'soft and hard skills of martial arts'
  • The foundations of striking and self defence methods standing and on the ground
  • Self defence against weapons and the use of expedient weapons for personal protection
  • Dealing with conflict and multiple attackers
  • Self defence & fight simulation
  • The biomechanics, physiology, anatomy and psychology of practical martial arts and self defence training
  • ESP warm ups, training routines and cool down procedures
  • Teaching methodology for beginners and intermediate levels
  • Club management
  • Developing your own personal approach to teaching ESP
  • The mind and body connecting including meditation and positive affirmation

“ I Would Highly Recommend These Instructor Courses To Everyone Whether It's To Improve Their Practice And Knowledge In Self Defence Or To Become An Instructor. My Awareness, Confidence And Self Assurance Have Become Alot Stronger."

Chris Thomas - ESP Student
There are several Instructor Diploma Courses we offer which are continually being updated, and last approximately 8 hours each.

The Diploma courses are as follows, which once completed you will be listed on our website as an Official Self-Defence Instructor.

Each qualification is lifetime as long as you remain a member of the ESPA.

1. Self-Defence & Personal Safety Instructor
2. Womens Self Defence Instructor
3. Edged Weapon Awareness Instructor
4. Adverse Situations & Multiple Attackers Instructor
5. Children & Young Adults Self-Defence Instructor
6. Eclectic Striking Tactics Instructor
7. Yawara Stick Personal Defence Instructor
8. Long Stick Personal Defence Instructor
9. Reflective Assessor Instructor
Both the Black Belt Instructor Program and Instructor Diploma Courses come with the following resources:

  • Resources on memory/data stick/disc:
  • Lesson plan document.
  • Formatted activity risk assessment document.
  • Activity safety brief document.
  • Student registration form (for your ESP students/clients).
  • Comprehensive handout (for your ESP students/clients).
  • Feedback form (for your records).
  • Professional template designed power-point presentations.
  • Generic ESP-SDS logo, ESP-DS logo & the ESP-SDS / ESP-DS Instructor logo (your PR).
  • Unique & professional high quality literature.
  • Instructor Manuals
  • ESP certificate template (for your candidates).
  • ESP-Black Belt / ESP-DS Instructor certification
  • ESP T-shirt.
  • FREE ESP membership giving you access to our classes & courses at discounted rates
  • FREE access to our facebook members account for supported information & resources
  • FREE listing on the Eclectic Self Protection national website (advertising you!).

For more information about the Black Belt Instructor Program & Instructor Diploma Courses please click below.

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May 4 Week Self Defence Course 2019 (ESPA)
The May 4 Week Self Defence Course was held by the Eclectic Self Protection Association (ESPA) on the 4 tuesdays of May 2019 at Hornsey Town Hall in Crouch End. As with all of our ESP courses a national martketing campaign was released and we had a very good turnout.
Published by Luke James - 13/6/2019
What is Self Defence?
Self-defence is a countermeasure that involves defending the health and well-being of oneself from harm. The use of the right of self-defense as a legal justification for the use of force in times of danger is available in many jurisdictions.

Physical self-defense is the use of physical force to counter an immediate threat of violence.
Published by Luke James - 13/6/2019
Womens Self Defence Workshop 2019 (ESPA)
The Womens Self Defence Workshop was hosted by the Eclectic Self Protection Association (ESPA) and conducted at Hornsey Town Hall in Crouch End on Saturday the 26th January. After 2 months of electronic advertising and marketing the 3hr seminar became quickly booked. We had a fantastic turnout of women including mothers, their daughters and other teenagers.
Published by Luke James - 10/6/2019

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