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BLACK BELT Instructor
Interested in improving your existing level of fitness or dramatically changing your current lifestyle?

Would you like to become a Black Belt with the ECLECTIC Self Protection Academy™ without taking years to achieve it?

This is our SUPREME personal training package.

The Intensive Training Programme is for you if you want to:
Train privately, in a safe and friendly environment
Improve your confidence, self assurance, self awareness & fitness
Develop overall body strength
Improve your dynamic mobility & overall flexibility
Learn natural & practical self defence techniques suitable for all ages, sizes & abilities
Learn from an internationally accredited academy

This training programme will:
Get you to Black Belt status within 18 months – as opposed to the usual 4 years if you were to train in a class
Increase self esteem
Lower stress levels
Improve your mental & physical well-being
Challenge you progressively in a freinldy & disciplined training enviornemnt!

As a client on the Intensive Training Programme you’ll get:
Up to 18 months of intensive private tuition – made inline with your accordance and arrangements.
Free healthy eating advice
Lifetime membership to the Eclectic Self Protection Association
Free training uniform
Discounted access to classes, specialist courses & workshops
Free listing on the Eclectic Self Protection national website (advertising you!)

“ I Would Highly Recommend These Instructor Courses To Everyone Whether It's To Improve Their Practice And Knowledge In Self Defence Or To Become An Instructor. My Awareness, Confidence And Self Assurance Have Become Alot Stronger."

Chris Thomas - ESP Student
What’s good about the program?

The great thing about our instructor programme is that after qualifying as an ESP Black Belt Instructor you can start teaching, earning an income and building your business straight away.

You can run your own classes, host your courses and workshops, train people privately, and grade your own students.

Sounds great, what’s the catch?

Nothing outrageous to be honest:

- Host Luke James at your club twice per year for an open seminar. An open seminar with the Chief Instructor is a great way to attract new students to your club. These can be organised alongside student gradings, as certificates need to be co-signed by Luke James. No monies are taken by Luke for gradings held at your school, grading fees charged (if any) is your decision and yours to keep.
- Attend Instructor Training (Group or one to one session) minimum once per year to learn updates to the syllabus and new material (this can be done during Luke James visit to your club for the open seminar).

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Hackney Corporate 4Hr Self Defence Workshop 2019 (ESPA)
An analysis of Self defence and the UK law was explained with relevance to 1) the perceived level of threat, 2) the appropriate and necessary response, and 3) a justifiable use of force. We also covered the criminal law act.
Published by Luke James - 6/10/2019
Muswell Hill Personal Training - September 2019
A client from Muswell Hill contacted me via my website and booked in for 2 private 90 minute sessions. They wanted the sessions designed for practical martial arts and self defence, and for key personal security skills relevant to travelling as they were a regular traveller abroad.
Published by Luke James - 22/9/2019
Highgate Personal Training July 2019
After a 10 minute initial consultation they had no injuries or conditions and were currently fit and healthy and wanted the session totally focussed on self defence. Client 1 mentioned to me he use to train in ITF Taekwondo for a few years whilst at university and found it too demanding and was not very focussed on societies dangers, and wanted a package of natural and simple self defence techniques. Client 2 was a beginner and wanted a boost in confidence, self assurance, personal protection and general fitness.
Published by Luke James - 3/8/2019

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