• Testimonial 1

    “Luke is an intelligent and personable instructor with a great deal of both knowledge and technical skills and abilities. who I have great respect for. He is deeply keen to attain high standards in the ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ skills of martial arts, teaching and practicing effective methods ensuring a wide skill base. His approach is very professional, and he always ensures he presents an inspirational role model for his students.”.

    (Soke Turton, UK Self Defence Expert & 10th Dan Grandmaster, All Styles Martial Arts Association)
  • Testimonial 2

    “A dark, talented and very enthusiastic individual with a natural hunger and passion for martial arts. He is positively infectious with his training and delivers excellence inside and outside of the dojo.”

    (Master Baines, Chief Instructor & Founder, World Sakiado Association)
  • Testimonial 3

    “Luke has high quality skills and knowledge in martial arts and self defence. He makes an excellent self defence instructor as he is very articulate presenting information well in depth. All in all very capable martial artist, teacher and all round nice guy”

    (Sifu Clive Whitworth, Head Instructor ITG Rapid Assault Tactics)
  • Testimonial 4

    "I have known Luke for 10 years as a martial artist and friend. He trains hard and strives to improve developing mentally and physically. He is a true example of an indomitable spirit and dedicated disciplined warrior who always practices techniques to perfection. Luke is a very innovative individual who will always endeavor to steer his clients and students in the right direction.”

    (Christian Uham, Senior Dan Graded Instructor In Kickboxing & Sakiado, and Door Supervisor)