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General Classes & Course Bookings

4 Class Package - £44

8 Class Package (£4 off) - £84

12 Class Package (£10 off) - £122

Specialist Course & Workshop Bookings

Womens 3 Hr Self Defence Workshop - £35
Next course date & location to be released.

Edged Weapon Awareness Workshop - £35
Next course date & location to be released.

3 Hr Self Defence Workshop - £35
Next course date & location to be released.

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Hackney Corporate Self Defence Seminar 8th Nov 2019 (ESPA)
After a brief chat and catch up with the crew we kicked straight off into the session with a low to moderate warm up and static stretch sequence. ESP Coach structured the session slightly different to the usual coporate classes in accordance with what the students wanted to learn. ESP Coach took the students through the most efficient and best choke namely the Rear Naked Choke (RNC).
Published by Luke James - 14/11/2019
Hackney Corporate 4Hr Self Defence Seminar 2019 (ESPA)
An analysis of Self defence and the UK law was explained with relevance to 1) the perceived level of threat, 2) the appropriate and necessary response, and 3) a justifiable use of force. We also covered the criminal law act.
Published by Luke James - 6/10/2019
Muswell Hill Personal Training - September 2019
A client from Muswell Hill contacted me via my website and booked in for 2 private 90 minute sessions. They wanted the sessions designed for practical martial arts and self defence, and for key personal security skills relevant to travelling as they were a regular traveller abroad.
Published by Luke James - 22/9/2019

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