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Tukido - Clouds

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Published by in Reviews · 1 June 2019
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Tukido – ‘Clouds’

Dear all,

This Blog article briefly reviews and assesses a very rare old book called ‘Clouds’ written by Tukido Grandmaster The in the late 1980’s. I brought this book off another Tukido instructor in 2013 and have read it a number of times from start to finish. This book is a valuable asset and like another Black Belt which deserves to be on the shelf of any serious martial artist or fitness / sports coach / personal trainer exponent.

Grandmaster Teh founded his own martial arts system – Tukido : The Art Of Skilful Combat in 1983 which is a freestyle Taekwondo offshoot where all power is derived from feet as opposed to Sakiado : The Art Of Self Defence that was founded a few years later with all power being derived from the hips.

Grandmaster Teh holds a Black Belt Sixth Dan in Taekwondo, and was the chief instructor for the UK from 1975 to 1978. He is now a 9th Dan Grandmaster, has been featured in various martial arts magazines across the UK, and is one of the real deal freestyle Taekwondo athletes and best painters in Scotland. He has not only written ‘Clouds’ but also ‘Warm Up and Stretching for all sports and martial arts’ and has been featured on a documentary ‘ My Britain’.

In Clouds, the book for instructors and coaches, Tukdo Grandmaster Hock Aun-Teh shares his experiences gained during a brilliant career in the martial arts. Everything which an inspiring or sportsman needs to know is covered in this book, from a detailed guidance on coaching to minute instructions for competition. As well as providing a comprehensive and exciting guide to the martial arts, this book is full of insights into lifestyle, psychology and the eastern and western ways of life. The book shares the same ethos and similarities to ‘Bruce Lee – Fighting Spirit’ written by Bruce  Thomas in 1988. You can definitely see Bruce Lee in Hock Aun Teh. Illustrated throughout Clouds are photographs and Teh’s superb calligraphy and ink painting appealing to all martial artists. Its innovative approach to preparation, training and competition is also of value to all sportsmen and women, in whatever sport, who seek an inspiring guide in their pursuit of excellence.

Hock Aun Teh discusses the magnificent relationship between man and nature and the incredible bond between man and everyday living. The book was called ‘Clouds’ because clouds can float in the air, come from all direction, in different shapes and forms, meet up, join, become bigger or separate. This is in line with Bruce Lee’s ethos and famous speech : ‘empty you mind, be formless, be shapeless, like water………… You will have to read Clouds to understand the whole concept as its too much to write down. I had to read ‘Cloud’s 3x to understand exactly what Teh was talking about and it was well worth the effort.

Teh makes some valuable comparisons between martial arts and the way of life to nature and weather. He uses the virtues and components of earth: The Sea, Fire, The Wind, The Soil and Hunger to discuss his positive view on life. The book concludes with Tukido’s tennets: Loyalty, Sincerity, Modesty, Introspection and Indomitable Spirit which are based on its mother martial arts tennets of Taekwondo. Tehs way of writing, thinking, calligraphy and comparisons to weather and life are amazingly fascinating, and this book is one of the best Taekwondo based books out there. If I was still young and fuelled with energy and had to train with an instructor in the freestyle Taekwondo world it would be Hock Au Teh.

Post Script:

I will review his second book: ‘Warm up and stretching for all sportsman and martial arts’ in a later Blog article.

I have also included some video links to his brilliant work below. You can also see his amazing demonstrations on his website

Written 29/08/16

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