Muswell Hill Personal Training - September 2019

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Muswell Hill Personal Training - September 2019

Eclectic Self Protection (ESP) - North London Martial Arts & Self Defence
Published by Luke James in ESP Personal Training · 22 September 2019
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A client from Muswell Hill contacted me via my website and booked in for 2 private 90 minute sessions. They wanted the sessions designed for practical martial arts and self defence, and for key personal security skills relevant to travelling as they were a regular traveller abroad.

Session 1 – 5th September

After a free 15 minute initial consultation assessing clients' current levels of fitness, health and previous experiences we went straight into the session.

The session proceed with a 10 minute basic warm up and static stretches. ESP Coach taught a variety of pre-emptive strikes against focus mitts including the slap, ridge hand, back fist and hammer fist from forwards stationary positions and also on the reverse and retreat. In addition, we also looked at the 3 main kicks for self defence namely the low thai kick, inverse side kick and the good old front kick to the balls.

Proceeding on ESP Coach taught 2 personal defence’s on hair grabs from the front and side, with 2 variations of each so the client could select which one they felt more appropriate using. With these 2 particular defences we looked at pre-emption, ‘snaking’ and control.

In addition, the client wanted some defences against knife threats. I taught the most simple and natural personal defences taken from the ESP Diploma Scheme. Namely, knife threats to side of throat – single handed, hand on shoulder, and wrist been grabbed using control and forwards striking pressure down the length of the garden, and then escaping to a safe zone.

Following up, ESP Coach also taught basic flanking with attacked in front using the knife hand to the groin, double hand grabbing the hand and shoulder and pulling and pushing as you escape through your safety exit.

The session concluded with developmental based breathing and concentration exercises to improve self esteem and lower stress levels.

Session 2 – 7th September

After a brief formal chat and the fact that it was a hot day we went straight into forwards and aggressive natural striking using the hammer fist and palm heel strikes against the pads down the length of the garden. I explained ‘activating the reptilian brain principle’ taken from the actual ESP-SDS and how she should use this with the training I was giving her.

We looked at the front kick and thai kick from grounded position, and how to safely get up from floor whilst making an attachment to the assailant.

Given the fact that the client was going travelling ESP Coach taught some adverse situation principles that could be used on buses and tubes. We first looked at personal defence with 2 attackers directly in front using the twin protective shoulder barge and shouting ‘fire’. Second we looked at both lapels been grabbed using the throat strike and eye gouge, with ‘closed foot stomp’ as you get up from a seated position and following up with a takedown. Third, we looked at the knee and leg inverse swoop and escaping to a safe zone. Fourth, we looked at a single handed knife threat to side of the throat to both sides using attachments, controls and arm breaks from seated position.

I also gave the client an insightful explanation into how to use and create a ‘strong reactionary gap’ when been on buses, and the advantages and disadvantages of sitting at both the front of the bus and back of the bus on ground floor, and how cameras are positioned.

The last part of the session ESP Coach taught 2 personal defence options for gun threats to the front of the forehead and solar plexus, with the gun been held straight and side wards on. In both cases the ESP scissor action principle was stress (both forwards and side wards) with details of how to strike with the gun once attacker is detained. We also drilled these particular defences from forwards seated position on bus and tube.

The session finalised with a ground reveral position with attacker in guard, following up with hammer fists to the head and evading to safety with 360 environmental awareness.

I also issued the client with a ESP handout totally focussed on personal safety and personal security applicable to travelling abroad.

The client thanked me for the training said they will be back for more in the future when they return from travelling next year.

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