Intensive 3Hr Knife & Edged Weapon Course (ESPA)

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Intensive 3Hr Knife & Edged Weapon Course (ESPA)

Eclectic Self Protection (ESP) - North London Martial Arts & Self Defence
Published by Luke James in ESP Courses · 5 December 2019
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Intensive 3hr Knife & Edged Weapon Course - Eclectic Self Protection (ESPA)


Pictured above: M.LJ taking student through some knife releases

The Intensive 3 Hr Knife & Edged Weapon Response Course was conducted on behalf of a student of mine who attended my previous classes and courses. The course was run by the Eclectic Self Protection Association on North London grounds December 2019.

The session commenced with the ESP Coach introducing how we improve peoples awareness and personal security needs relating to the knives and edged weapons, the dangers in society, what we were going to cover, including the soft and hard skills of edged awareness and practical response.

The course was divided into 2 main sections : 1) Soft skills and 2) Hard skills.

The soft skills section was a 1hr discussion, brain teaser and presentation on knives and edged weapons summarizing 1) the types of edged weapons, 2) the law, 3) styles of weapon delivery, 4) injuries and wounds from knives and 5) personal security methods of eclectism when facing an assailant with an edged weapon.

The importance of awareness, avoidance, escape and compliance was stressed with reference to Jeff Coopers Couor Codes: White, Yellow, Orange, Red and also Black, with a brief overview of the advantages and disadvantages of compliance in relation to knives.

We also went into a bit more detail about the UK & International Law relating to edged weapons and how your personal protection and defence skills would change and adapt depending on which country you were in, if travelling abroad.

In addition, we went into detail about the main style of weapon delivery that most attackers use, and summarized the most common targets of the human body that would be likely to be attacked.

Lots of valuable points were made, and we did a brain storm and myth busting activiity to conclude the soft skills section.


Picture above: M.LJ taking student through some natural edged weapon self protection

The hard skills section was totally focused on natural and eclectic personal defence skills pertaing to knives and edged weapons.

ESP Coach taught knifer threat defences to both sides of the throat singuarly and with wrist, shoulder and lapels been grabbed using side to side control and pre-emptive striking against pads and impact equipment before evasion.

In addition, ESP Coach taught the classic personal defence against knife threat been held in front and to centre of back using variations of each so the student could select which method felt best for them to use.

In all of these cases generic fences and arm sprays were used with the concept of deception and interception before pre-empting.

Pictured above: ESP Coach teaching student using re-direction and strike

The next part of the hard skills section looked at practical defence against a few knife attacks. ESP Coach taught defence against the the most common knife attack - to the gut with continuous recoil - using striking and attaching and take downs. In addition, we looked at swinging knife attacks to both sides using similar principles.

Moving on ESP Coach took student through the 4-step knife attack and deflecting drill in protective gear with varied methods of attack to increase the students awareness and sharpen their reactions. In addiiton, ESP Coach also took the student through some pressure testing using 2 90 second bouts (in protective gear) at varying speeds and thrusting action with the defended moving around off-line and circular. These are M. LJ's most favourite knife and edged wepaon response drills as it really opens your eyes and gives you a relaity check as well as keeping you moving and switched on.

Pictured above: ESP Coach presenting student with an Edged Weapon Response Accreditation

To conclude the session the student was taken through a cool down and strecth sequence, and a visual strengthening exercise relating to knives and edged weapons.

A big thanks for attending and booking us and ESP is pleased you really enjoyed the course!

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