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Highgate Personal Training July 2019

Eclectic Self Protection (ESP) - North London Martial Arts & Self Defence
Highgate Personal Training

After a revamp on our website mid 2019, and changes to the ESPA infrastructure, 2 clients booked in for a joint 3hr intensive personal training session in self-defence and fitness training. They had originally contacted me a few months ago and finally attended straight after work. It took place from 6.15 to 9.15pm in Highgate Wood.

After a 10 minute initial consultation they had no injuries or conditions and were currently fit and healthy and wanted the session totally focussed on self defence. Client 1 mentioned to me he use to train in ITF Taekwondo for a few years whilst at university and found it too demanding, strenuous on his joints, and was not very focussed on societies dangers, and wanted a package of natural and simple self defence techniques. Having been Dan graded in various martial arts, I explained to him that lots of Taekwondo Instructor's overtrain their students and are not in touch with modern sports science and realistic self defence training. He agreed with the conversation and found this whilst training with the ITF.  Client 2 was a beginner and wanted a boost in confidence, self assurance, personal protection and general fitness.

After a 15 minute warm up at moderate intensity we began covering pre-emptive striking off 3 fence variations – long width, medium width and touching the attacker. We looked at the pre-emptive hook and pre-emptive slap to the high section, and front thrust kick and thai kicks to the mid and low sections of the body with details of sports biomechanics in singular and consecutive action against air and impact equipment. Straight after we drilled kickboxing combinations on the spot, in partners and against pads. In most of theses cases we drilled them in sets of 30 off both sides focussing on technique and then doing 20 off both sides with explosive and dynamic power.

Following this we did some personal space management using the offensive and defensive pushes off the fence and following up with front kicks against the pads. I also went into detail about power-talking and assertive and confident body langue and also 360 degree environmental awareness.

I taught them the cover and smother principle off a barrage of punches using simple cover blocks, the shut-down, arm jam, head twist, foot sweep and take down. In addition, after the takedowns we drilled stamping actions into the ankle, knee, thigh, groin and sternum with details in relation to reasonable force and the UK Law. I also taught them the eclectic knee drop pressure into both the jaw and temple line structure of the head whilst the attacker was on the floor and how to apply a grounded wrist lock with the elbow facing 12-o-clock oriented from this position. ESP coach corrected technique flaws when necessary.

We did some fitness work using squats and lunges, leg raises and also alpha omegas with good posture, regulated breath control.

I went through with clients how to get out of a street style headlock using the modern ESP theory including ballistic manipulation using natural hand weapons. We drilled these at walking pace and then faster with self control.

As one of the clients was female we looked at personal defence against hiar grab from the front using pre-emption before securing the attacks hand overlapping with the opposite arm, dominating the attacker and applying a standing wrist lock with strong ‘eclectic plantation’.

Furthermore, we looked at 2 generic knife threat attacks to both sides of the throat (attacker in front) and with one hand on shoulder. First ESP coach taught the knife threat to left side of throat using hand grab security on the attacker in simultaneous action with the pre-emptive elbow before taking the knife and rotating at 180 degrees stepping back and power talking with verbal commands such as ‘back off’ ‘stay away’ etc. ESP Coach taught knife threat to right side of throat using the pre-emptive palm-heel strike before going into the wrist lock that I taught in conjunction with the hair grab personal defence technique that we did.

With both these techniques I show them how to carefully take the blade out of the attackers hand with pressure on the carpals and metacarpals. I also gave a brief overview of the ESP Knife Personal Security Model and why compliance, damage limitation and survival from a self defence context is so important.

In addition, ESP coach taught gun threat defences to the head, the chest with attacker single handed and double handed.  In most of these cases the ESP Scissor Defence principles were applied. Emphasis was made on re-direction, dialogue and surprise before pre-emption. I also taught them how to strike with a gun naturally and aggressively, and why using the strike with the barrel to the head is far safer than striking with the handle.

Throughout teaching this personal training session I made references to ESP’s 5 Conceptual Tennent’s: Evaluate, Envision, Engage, Energize and Evasion where applicable and how these can help you to recognize and neutralize threats safely and efficiently, whilst improving your self-development in life.

We concluded the session with 3 minutes of moderate exercise and cool down stretching followed by 5 minutes of meditation, and mental mastery.

Both the clients enjoyed the session and will be back for more training in the future!

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